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House S05E15



Show: House
Season: 5
Episode name: Unfaithful
Episode number: House S05E15
Original air date: 16/02/09
Network: FOX

Plot: A priest sees a bleeding Jesus on his doorstep and House insists on taking the case to poke fun at the man’s religion. However, when the priest displays more symptoms, the case becomes serious as he takes a turn fro the worse. Meanwhile, House gives Thirteen and Foreman an ultimatum, and Cuddy invites the staff to her baby’s christening.

Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: David Hoselton

Release #1: House S0E15 (HDTV-FQM)
Release #2: House S05E15 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION


Heroes S03E14



Show: Heroes
Season: 3
Episode name: A Clear and Present Danger
Episode number: S03E14
Original air date: 02/02/09
Network: NBC

Plot: Months after explosions brought down Pinehurst and Primatech, our Heroes try to put the past behind them and begin new lives. Now powerless, Hiro tries to train a reluctant Ando to be a true superhero. Suresh returns to life as a taxi driver, Peter is back to saving lives, and Daphne and Matt try to live as a normal couple. Claire’s attempt to live a regular life is cut short when she uncovers a deadly plot orchestrated by Nathan to track down and capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Sylar begins the search for his real parents.

Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Tim Kring

Release #1: Heroes S03E14 HDTV XviD-LOL
Release #2: Heroes S03E14 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION