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Law and Order: SVU S10E14


Law & Order: SVU

Show: Law and Order SVU
Season: 10
Episode name: Transitions
Episode number: S10E14
Original air date: 17/02/09
Network: NBC

Plot: The detectives have very little to work with after a man is found badly-beaten in a strip club’s parking lot. Their questioning begins with the dancers until the victim’s ex-wife and 13-year old transgender son become suspects.

Peter Leto
Writer: Ken Storer

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Law & Order: SVU S10E13



Show: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season: 10
Episode name: Snatched
Episode number: S10E13
Original air date: 03/02/09
Network: NBC

Plot: The mother of a kidnapped young girl points the detectives towards her father, an ex-con, but it is soon discovered that the grandfather is a master thief and has many enemies. However, because of Alzheimer’s, the grandfather can’t remember much of his past.


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